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CHISON provides in-house training courses, and on-the-job training to develop employees’ potential in professional competencies, core competencies and managerial competencies at different career stages. To create a learning culture and encourage colleagues to learn actively, we invite our internal instructors as well as external professional trainers. The training courses offered cover professional skills, manufacturing, research and development, quality control, production support, and personal development, leadership, culture and values, etc.

Employees work with supervisors and human resources staff to create a training and development plan involving on-the-job training and classroom training. For employees in technical and engineering fields,a dual-track career development plan is designed for them to become an expert in their field or work toward a managerial position. In addition, internal job transfers and rotations are encouraged for talented employees who can take advantage of these opportunities to broaden their knowledge and develop skills in multiple areas at an accelerated pace.

New Employee Orientation and assistance

In addition to new employee orientation, HR assigns a “partner” to each new employee. HR staff make follow-up contact with each newcomer during the probation to provide ongoing assistance and to help them experience a smooth transition to the Chison family.

Continuing Education

CHISON partners with Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fudan University for graduate degree programs. We encourage talented employees to participate in continuing education programs, and eligible employees can receive tuition assistance.