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Service Commitments

We believe that, sales is only the starting point, whereas the services will tell you how we bring the added value to you

Service Policy

CHISON provides life-time service for all produced ultrasound machines. Meanwhile, according to the warranty card enclosed in the packing box, the corresponding free warranty period is provided for the main unit and probe (transducer) from the date of Ex-factory.

Service Policy
Self-Service Center

Self-Service Center

Self-Service Center provides customer access to learn Installation, Operatation, Maintenance via Videos, and the newest software download for Ultrasound System

To use the self-service center, please follow below steps.

Download and install Wechat App on your mobile phone. Pls refer to

Search "CHISON" and follow CHISON's offical account

Enter a keyword, get what you want.

Service Contracts

To ensure that your CHISON equipment is in top operating condition, preventative maintenance should be performed at regular intervals. To achieve this objective, we offer a range of service contracts to meet your requirements. Our service contracts can be tailored to suit and can cover both preventative and corrective maintenance on a planned and emergency basis.

Warning restriction information



◆ Probe Maintenance-How to clean the probe?

1. Clear the residual gel or stained point on the probe tip by flowing clean water;

2. Clean the probe tip with little liquid detergent by soft and clean cloth;

3. Clear the probe tip again by flowing clean water;

4. Wipe the probe and make it dry by soft and clean cloth.


◆ Movement of the System-How to move the system?

When moving or transporting the system, please make sure that the following precautionary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the user and the security of the system to the largest extent.

1. Switch off the system;

2. Disconnect all cables that connect to external equipments;

3. Make sure that there isn’t anything unstable on the control panel;

4. Push the small keyboard inside;

5. Arrange the power cord of the system safely at the back;

6. Put the probe into the probe case;

7. Put the ultrasonic gel into the gel holder at the side of the system;

8. Hold the handle at the back of the system to move the system;

9. Try the best to reduce the vibration to the system to avoid the negative effects.


◆ How do I get the information of CHISON’s products?

Please send email to, or click the “Contact Us” page to fill the request form and submit your need. We will contact you very soon.


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