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Why choose CHISON? II Customers Feedback from Chile
〖 2017-06-14 | Hits 1712 〗
 Chile is an extremely beautiful country and it’s remarkably famous for the unique attractions, so every year, it fascinates plenty of travelers for fine adventure travel. 

In this fantastic country,
 CHISON also has a long exploration for now and future. CHISON team members Salvador and Louis went to Chile for learning about the special demands of local customers and providing clinic support and service. They had some deep conversations so that we can continually improve our products and provide valuable service for them, Also, Louis held several seminars to train the local clinicians.

During the situation, most of their feedbacks have been positive. According to the local dealer’s feedback, ultrasound machines which are from CHISON ultrasound manufacturer are quite durable. During the training course, clinical specialist Louis operated EBit60 for demo, CHISON high frequency linear probe which has a brilliant resolution is used in image guided biopsy. As a result, the needle is exceptionally clear inside tissue with the help of Supper Needle algorithm, so the puncture procedure is very successful.EBit60 perfect superficial performance combining with the technology of biopsy enhancement helps lead an easy and accurate visual diagnosis.

And the dealer
 told the reporter, the customer's reception of the CHISON ultrasounds is quite good. Also, they stressed that CHISON has a complete product line which are from console ultrasound to portable ultrasound (trolley ultrasound,laptop ultrasound and tablet ultrasound).Besides that, we also provide a mature product line for VET ultrasound equipments.

In these years
, CHISON has been attaching great importance to the market in South America. On the one hand, we have been specializing ultrasound for its R&D, quality control and practical design and innovative technology. On the other hand, we invite brilliant team members to join CHISON group who know the Latin market deeply so that we can efficiently provide service fitting local features. We have strong reasons to believe that in the near future, the brand of CHISON will touch a new level in South America.

(4D image Unprocessed from SonoBook9 during the training course in Chile)


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