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Events Details
FIME Invitation
〖 2017-06-29 | Hits 1333 〗
Annual FIME Expo, Different CHISON Show.
FIME is the most-attended medical trade exhibition in the Western Hemisphere, 2017 will mark the 27th year of the show. 
CHISON will come to the exhibition with the latest product SonoBook9 and other advanced ultrasound machines for you.
SonoBook 9 is a premium portable and hand-carried ultrasound machine, its dedication to POC especially in cardiovascular has a brilliant performance. And also our QBit series combine the compact design and advanced technologies so that the performance in OB/GYN and cardiac are attractively outstanding. As a competitive manufacturer of ultrasound machine, it’s an opportunity for us to work for the better future, welcome to our Booth.

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