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Events Details
CHISON Ultrasound Excels in Belarus
〖 2018-04-08 | Hits 463 〗
March 29th , Minsk, Belarus

Members of Belarus Oncology Community gathered together during an academic exchange event at one of the most renowned hospitals specialized in oncology treatment in Belarus.


Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor of Moscow State University demonstrated CHISON’s QBit 9 for thyroid & breast scanning during the meeting.

When scanning an above-average phantom using CHISON’s 60mm linear probe, oncologists all over Belarus were intrigued by CHISON’s outstanding performance, streamlined work-flow and advanced transducer technologies.



No matter for thyroid & breast diagnosis or other clinical applications, QBit 9’s excellent performance exceeded their expectations.

We are CHISON, we offer value beyond imaging, with 22 years dedication in ultrasound solutions. 

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