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MEDICA 2018 – Where the Ultrasound AI Starts
〖 2018-11-16 | Hits 1442 〗
Now, We act at  MEDICA 2018
It's time again: the world's largest medical trade fair-MEDICA 2018 opens its doors in Düsseldorf from 12 to 15 November.

 You  VS  AI

Who would win?

Welcome to join SonoAI Club!

Technologies are changing our life.

Education is changing.

Cities are changing.

Healthcare is changing.

Now we step into the medical era of artificial intelligence. 

Image technology not only lets us See, but See more...

CHISON, as one of the leading enterprises in China’s ultrasound industry, has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of professional ultrasound equipment for 22 years, insisting on independent R&D and active innovation. 

SonoAI-The latest revolution of ultrasound

-Innovative algorithms

-More accuracy, Faster diagnosis

-Multi-modes&dynamic recognition
-Breast, Carotid Plague, OB

XBit 90-The perfect combination of product and SonoAI

· For OB application, SonoAI-OB can identify and do measurement of BPD, HC, AC, FL and NT automatically, greatly enhance the accuracy an efficiency of ultrasound diagnosis.

· For breast mass diagnosis, SonoAI is the first to make a four-category. On the basis of benign tumor and malignant tumor, it also give the diagnosis of mastitis or adenosis, and the accuracy rate can be up to 95%.

· For carotid plaque stability diagnosis, SonoAI make the international initiative by making diagnosis based on dynamic image instead of static pictures, with an accuracy rate of 80% - 85%.

· For cardiac scanning, with Virtual Apex View technology, scan width can be increased without distortion, especially broaden the apical view of heart.

· The SonoColor function Encoded algorithm to optimize color flow, improve the transmission power , present you color flow with high resolution and sensitivity . Can be similar effective as angiography to some extent, relieve the suffering of patients.
· Remote diagnosis, real-time lossless transmission of sound and ultrasound dynamic images providing a solid foundation for telemedicine.

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