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CBit 6

An extremely slim and compact  touch panel console ultrasound system with excellent performance in cardiology, gynecology and radiology.


Industry-leading Design

21.5 inch HD LED monitor Rotatable:±90°

10.1 inch HD touch panel

Gel warmer(optional ) Temperature adjustable

Facing front CD/DVD recorder

Built-in Battery (optional)

Elegant Control Panel

Dedicated video printer socket

Four probe connectors

Smart Standby Mode

Smart backstage management enables

extended battery life

Instant power-on

CBit 6



SonoAI - OB

SonoAI - OB

● Intelligent software for OB,  High efficiency and precise measurement tools

● Automatically measure:BPD, HC, AC, FL, NT

● One step to obtain the result  

Wide angle TV probe

Wide angle TV probe

● Around to 210°  extremely wide angle

● Provide more diagnostic information

● Save time, improve the efficiency 

Quantitative Elastography

Quantitative Elastography

● Display the elasticity of different tissues in different color

● Provide more clinical information , especially for breast tumor, thyroid ,liver and prostate

● Strain ratio measurement quantitatively gives the ratio between the average strain of the selected region and of the nearby normal tissue region.

● Available on versatile transducers.

HD CZoom

HD CZoom

Zoom the color information , remain the high resolution. 

Important for the small vessel blood information detection, especially for the fetal heart diagnosis.

Free Steering M Mode

Free Steering M Mode

● Obtain accurate cardiac function analysis data.

● Obtain accurate cardiac measurement parameters of any section and any Angle.

● Excellent and convenient for difficult patient examination.

Curved Expanding

Curved Expanding

Enlarge the scanning area in convex probe , same as convex trapezoid.

Better for the big organ display, especially liver, kidney through the rib space

Auto IMT

Auto IMT

Automatically traces the intima, and measures the thickness of the intima. This allows you to measure the intima faster, more easily and more accurately.


  • AutoFollicleDetection


  • CarotidPlague


  • fetalfaceVirtualHD


  • folliclesBMode


  • hydronephrosis


  • Petriadic


  • PregnentBursa


  • Transcaranial



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