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SonoBook 9

SonoBook 9

Prime Choice for Cardiovascular, OB and GI

√ High-end portable ultrasound for sale

√ Premium imaging quality with advanced technologies

√ Intelligence-driven workflow offers a great convenience

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 · Revolutionary Platform

 · Ultra-light: <5.5kg

 · Ultra-slim: 70mm thickness

 · 15 inch HD LED monitor

 · 120° rotatable

 · Versitile probes

 · Less heat and less noise

 · Wifi(optional)


CHISON Portable Ultrasound Machine SonoBook 9 can fit every department in hospital especially for Women's Healthcare, Cardiovascular and General Imaging

A portable ultrasound device. excels with the following clinical applications:    

  · Anaesthesia        · Critical Care             · Emergency          · Vascular

  · Covid-19             · MSK                         · Pediatrics            · Gastroenterology  

Strong, Portable and Exceptional Performance. That's our promise to deliver with CHISON ultrasound Sonobook 9. 

Best 4D portable ultrasound

'Having a portable ultrasound machine for pregnancy like the sonobook 9 really was kind of a game changer in thinking of how we could do 4D scan ultrasounds better. This portable echo machine allows me to go wherever I'm needed whenever I am needed to serve my patients.' 

Diagnostic ultrasound images

'The portable ultrasound system SonoBook 9 allows us to really get amazing quality images. Our business has really benefited from having such an amazing mobile solution. We've actually been voted for the last three years in a row ever since we opened as the best imaging center in our area.'

  • Stress Echo

    A stress echocardiogram, utilizes ultrasound imaging of the heart to assess the wall motion in response to physical stress. Provides exercise and pharmacologic stress protocols, user configurable template editor.

  • Real time panoramic

    Enhance your visualization of image with real time panaromic views with both Linear as well as convex probe.

  • Elastography

    Evaluate the tissue stiffness, strain ratio measurement, fine technology for breast lesion, thyroid tumor and liver scans. 

  • Virtual HD

    Realistic View of Fetal Face in 4D. Enhances the views of fetal scan in 4D with different predesigned presets and functions. 

  • Super Needle

    Enhance the needle displaying in image, without distortion of the needle. Decrease the complicated rate, increase the successful rate.

  • Auto-tracing for follicles

    Automatically detect the follicles;

    Provide the size of the follicles;

    Efficient for the IVF procedure.

Demo Images

Listen to the customers

  • SonoBook in Spain

    'It's a perfect option for those who seek excellence in portable ultrasound. Also this portable ultrasound price is very competitive' 

  • SonoBook on Italian Newspaper

    The Professor Luigi Cavanna went on the Italian TV show Rai sharing his precious experience on COVID-19 patients treatment.

  • SonoBook 9 in clinic in America

    "This portable ultrasound unit(SonoBook 9) has been offering a great help to us", says a doctor works in Aspen Health Screening.

  • Donation to Sabah

    2 units of CHISON SONOBOOK9 ultrasound machines were donated to Hospital Lahad Datu by the Lahad Datu Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the effort of helping to relief the strain of medical equipment.

Contact Info
  • Tel: +86 510-85270304
  • Fax: +86 510 8531 0726
  • E-mail: global.sales@chison.com
  • Add: No.3, Changjiang South Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214028.

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