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Buying a Handheld Ultrasound Machine: Costs, Uses, and Advice

Mar. 25, 22

Though ultrasound machines allow medical providers a noninvasive means to diagnose patients, determine treatment courses, and guide certain procedures, their cumbersome size presents difficulties for smaller clinics and hospitals. Enter the handheld, or portable, ultrasound machine.

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Applications of a Handheld Ultrasound Machine

Physicians use handheld ultrasound machines to evaluate myriad conditions and symptoms, such as pain, swelling, and infection. They also let doctors examine internal organs without making a single incision. Doctors often use ultrasound technology to diagnose issues with the cardiovascular system, including the heart, blood vessels, and abdominal aorta.

Moving down the body, ultrasound imagery of the digestive organs, such as the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver, helps detect disorder and determine treatment. Doctors also use the technology to examine reproductive organs such as the uterus, ovaries, and testicles.

Doctors evaluate numerous conditions, such as blood clots and abnormal blood flow, or tumors or vascular malformations. This type of imagery helps the doctor determine the right treatment course for each patient. They also use ultrasound during certain procedures, such as biopsies.

CHISON SonoEye can help to provide high quality patient care in any location. Featuring an adaptable design that goes from  pad to mobile phone, increasing the portability, and making it possible to work together with doctors from patient to patient all  the time, initially in point of care applications and longer terms in primary care.


What to Consider before Buying

Consider a number of factors before making a purchasing decision. These include your budget, how the machine will be used and by whom, as well as what happens after you buy, such as obtaining replacement parts, customer support, and the warranty.


Know your budget

Top of the line machines always come at a higher price. Brands are important when choosing the high-tech machines since they're usually more reliable in product production, logistics dispatch, after-sales handling and quality control. Try to choose the best within the range you can afford.


Understand the features

How often do you expect to use the machine? Where? Will it move around a lot? Talk to your ultrasound technicians, as these are the best people to let you know what features they need and which ones are "nice to have" but not crucial to performing their jobs.


What about the maintenance?

What does the warranty cover, and when does it end? Different manufacturers offer different warranties, so consider both the expiration date and the service and contract terms provided. Does the service contract auto renew? Do you want it to? What about early cancellation fees? Make sure you agree with all of these items. CHISON provides life-time service for all produced ultrasound machines. We believes that, sales is only the starting point, whereas the services will tell you how we bring the added value to you. Contact us to know more>>

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