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Innovative Healthcare Solutions at Hospitalar 2022

May. 31, 22

Hospitalar 2022 was successfully held on May 17th. As the hottest event in May, Hospitalar promotes the most relevant experience ever for the healthcare sector. CHISON, as a long-time partner of Hospitalar, thank you to all attendees virtually and in person, who make Hospitalar 2022 so rewarding.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions at Hospitalar 2022

Highlights of Hospitalar

CHISON sincerely invite you to keep on exploring more about CHISON's innovative solutions we featured at Hospitalar. CHISON intelligent ultrasound equipment has attracted lots of attendees, providing high-quality images and cutting-edge technologies for medical practitioners, easing their workflow to achieve the highest productivity.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions at Hospitalar 2022

Premium New Products

▶XBit 90

A premium ultrasound system with outstanding image quality and powerful hi-tech features can bring you an intelligent and accurate diagnostic experience.

CHISON is continuously researching and exploring new technologies to improve performance. XBit 90's brand new processing platform brings brilliant ultrasound image quality, which is a milestone for CHISON.

In addition to outstanding image quality, XBit 90 also helps you enhance the accuracy of medical clinical diagnosis and improve scanning efficiency with hi-tech, XBit 90 can take you to experience digital intelligent ultrasound, brings you simple operation and accurate diagnostic experience.

XBit 90


CHISON SonoEye can help to provide high-quality patient care in any location. Featuring an adaptable design that goes from pad to mobile phone, increasing the portability, and making it possible to work together with doctors from patient to patient all the time, initially in point of care applications and longer terms in primary care.


See how CHISON empowers diagnostic confidence, and efficient solutions using ultrasonic worldwide. At Hospitalar 2022, be with CHISON premium healthcare, sustainable, and precise diagnosis solutions. Engaged with our 360° virtual ultrasonic experience immediately. CHISON is ready to bring you an immersive experience wherever you are.

Click the link to visit our new virtual showroom: CHISON 3D Virtual ShowRoom

In the near future, CHISON will show up at more global events, such as FIME, ECR, RSNA, MEDICA, and so on. You'll find that time and space are no longer in our way as we're always here, on the stage of the global healthcare industry. We are looking forward to meeting you at every event from now on. Wanna know more about CHISON, an ultrasound machine supplier, contact us now.

Celebrate the launch of CHISON Global Ultrasound Training Center
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