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XBit 90

XBit 90

A level up in Imaging with premium ultrasound system.

Ultimate imaging solutions driven by latest NIT platform.

State of the art technology and diversified intelligent features.

 Extreme accuracy and convenience improve your diagnostic confidence.

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 · Latest NIT platform

 · Verstile transducers

 · 23.8 inch super large HD LED

 · Internal Battery

 · 13.3 inch high responsive HD touch panel

 · Fast and reliable after-sales service

 · 360° rotatable screen

 · Ergonomic design to fit different working habits


CHISON premium trolly color doppler XBit 90 is designed to offer medical practitioners contemporary and state of the art experience in clinical diagnosis, delivering enhanced views, modern artificial intelligence, and smooth workflow. 

Featuring the state of the art technology, CHISON cart-based ultrasound XBit 90 is your best choice in the application of General Imaging

· OB/GYN       · Cardiovascular         · MSK           · Critical Care        

· Emergency Medicine     · Anaesthesia       · Pediatric

Amazing image quality

"We are happy to share with you that we are now working with this new ultrasound XBit 90. Its applications in the different medical specialties are really amazing, not only for the quality of the images but fundamentally for the contribution to the clarity of the diagnosis of different pathologies and their adequate treatment. "

Cardiac case sharing

The importance of cardiac examination is supported by the ever-increasing incidence of heart disease. CHISON XBit 90 can provide a higher level of sensitivity needed for identifying certain conditions and helps doctors gain more confidence when performing cardiac examinations.

  • Shear Wave Elastography

    ●  XBit 90 has both P-SWE point shear wave imaging and 2D-SWE surface shear wave imaging.

    ●  Provide variety of quantitative analysis parameters,such as velocity values, Young's modulus and so on.

  • Elastography

    ●  Display the elasticity of different tissues  in different color. 

    ●  Provide more clinical information.

    ●  Strain ratio measurement quantitatively gives the ratio between the average strain of the selected region and of the nearby normal tissue region.

  • SonoCrystal

    ●  Provide context and surface information. 

    ●  Allow an accurate understanding of patient anatomy. 

    ●  Easily differentiates between soft tissue and structure.

  • SonoContrast

    ●  Been developed in order to visualize the micro-circulation in tissue, that is, the blood flow in imperceptible blood vessels.

    ●  Potentially be used for improved diagnosis and therapy in several clinical situations. 

  • MVI

    ●  It applied a brand- new algorithm to check the blood flow.

    ●  Greatly improve the visualization sensitivity of low velocity and small blood vessels. 

    ●  Provide more and accurate blood flow information for clinic.

  • Auto EF

    ●  Automatically recognize and envelope the endocardium accurately, and provide cardiac function measurement values (EDV,ESV,EF) synchronously.        

    ●  Greatly improve work efficiency.

  • SonoNeedle

    ●  SonoNeedle function is a cutting-edge ultrasound diagnostic puncture navigation system. In this mode, the needle path and needle tip position are dynamically displayed in color in real time.

    ●  It can improve puncture efficiency and accuracy.

  • SonoPW

    ●  The sample gate can be extended to 4 during PW mode.

    ●  It can switch and active each sample gate to realize multi-point spectrum measurement in the same cardiac cycle at the same scanning plane; Support synchronous display of spectrum and speed value.

  • Strain and Strain Rate

    • A new non-invasive method for assessment of myocardial function.

    • Ability to differentiate between active and passive movement of myocardial segments, to quantify intraventricular dyssynchrony.  

    • To evaluate components of myocardial function.

Listen to the customers

  • Accurate Diagnosis for Cardiology

    In addition to its outstanding image quality, CHISON XBit 90 can help cardiologists improve their diagnostic accuracy and scan more efficiently. With the XBit 90, you will find it's easy to operate and make accurate diagnosis in cardiac examinations.

  • Whole-body Medical Check-up

    A thyroid scanning is performed on a patient and it gives a clear image of soft tissues on the screen.

  • Multi-functional Ultrasound System

    "The abdominal image penetration is very good, his 4D image is very beautiful, and it has versatile features, such as shear wave elastography and strain. etc, it can fully satisfy the daily use of our hospital. Our hospital recommends this machine!"

  • Training in Clients Showroom

    Transcranial doppler preset on XBit 90 and our single-crystal phased array probe,  showed amazing B Mode and Color Doppler diagnostic images.

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  • Tel: +86 510-85270304
  • Fax: +86 510 8531 0726
  • E-mail: global.sales@chison.com
  • Add: No.3, Changjiang South Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214028.

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