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SonoEye P3

2.5MHz, Phased Array

Cardiac, ABD, Lung

B Mode | M Mode | Color Mode | PW Mode | CPA Mode | DPD Mode | 2B Mode



Product Description: Handheld ultrasound machine

Model:Phased array probe 


Displaying Mode:Support B, C ,PW ,M, CPA Mode

Functions: Auto EF, Auto IMT, PW AutoTrace, Professional lung software, Needle guide software,  QR Scan, HIPPA

Waterproof Standard:IPX7

Comprehensive Presets: CardiacDifficult, ABD, Cardiac, Lung, TCD, Phantom...

Languages: Support 7 languages

Button: Programmable buttons

Multiple accessories(optional): arm bag, belt bag,messenger bag, carring case, stand, sterile probe cover and gel, silicone protective sleeve, trolley.

Transmission: Support DICOM&Network storage.


SonoEye P3 Handheld Echocardiography Machines


CHISON SonoEye can help to provide high quality patient care in any location. Featuring an adaptable design that goes from pad to mobile phone, increasing the portability, and making it possible to work together with doctors from patient to patient all the time, initially in point of care applications and longer terms in primary care.


Go Light

Half weight of a phone, highly integrated design, less volume.


Multiple devices

SonoEye provides a flexible connection with smart phone or pad.


Go Waterproof

SonoEye, a hand-held ultrasound, gives you the power to sterilize and clean freely.


Go Anywhere

SonoEye, integrated with the best handheld technologies, can provide multiple solutions for fast.


Go thumb-play

• One touch to start an ultrasound exam.

• One thumb to finish all operation.

• Simplified workflow assures you to use it as easy as your smart phone.


CHISON SonoEye offers a variety of clinical solutions with different Scanner. Highly personalized design helps to meet your every need. Let's see how customers think of SonoEye in their daily practice:

APP Download

Click the link and download the APP: CHISON SonoEye



1)Waterproof and Dust proof with IPX7. The  complete solution to sterilize and clean.

2)Feather-light weight with lower power consumption.

3)Easy to connect your phone or pad to start scanning anywhere you want.

4)International patent protected gesture operated interface. Everything you need is within reach of your thumb.

5)Simplified workflow assures you to use it as easy as any APP on your smartphone.

6)Quick store and transfer the images and data.

7)UltraRemote function help to connect patients and doctors from anywhere.

8)Support wide range of applications.

Clinical Applications

SonoEye accommodates all clinical applications. It’s your tool for Emergency Room, Operating Room, COVID centre, ICU, etc..  An ultrasound designed to be carried in pocket and use like your phone. Ultimate solution to imaging anywhere. 

Critical Care






Emergency Medicine






SonoEye P3 Handheld Echocardiography Machines


  • Cardiac, B Mode

    Cardiac, B Mode

  • Cardiac, B Mode

    Cardiac, B Mode

  • Cardiac, C Mode

    Cardiac, C Mode

  • Cardiac, M Mode

    Cardiac, M Mode

  • Lung, B Mode

    Lung, B Mode

  • Cardiac, B Mode

    Cardiac, B Mode


  • Arm Bag

    Arm Bag

  • Belt Bag

    Belt Bag

  • Messebger Bag

    Messebger Bag

  • Carring Case

    Carring Case

  • Carring Case

    Carring Case

  • Carring Case(For 2 Sets)

    Carring Case(For 2 Sets)

  • Sterile Probe Cover and Gel

    Sterile Probe Cover and Gel

  • Stand


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