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SonoMax 9

SonoMax 9

Excellence Elevated: The MAX of Innovation

√  Pioneering MAX++ platform with insight.

√  Elevate your imaging with the most advanced ultrasound technology.

√  Effortless elegance, intuitive workflow, and exceptional performance.

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 · Latest MAX++ Platform

 · 23.8 Large Size HD LED Screen

 · 15.6"   Angle 30° Adjustable Touch Screen

 · 5 Transducer Connectors with Stylish Lights

 · 25cm Flexible Height Adjustment

 · Smaller Projected Area

 · Brand-new Keyboard for Concise Workflow

 · Fast and Reliable After-sales Service


The revolutionary cart-based ultrasound CHISON SonoMax is designed to elevate medical imaging to new heights. With a stunning outlook, intelligent features, exceptional performance, and ergonomic design, SonoMax redefines what is possible with cart-based ultrasound, setting a new standard for the future of medical imaging.

· Larger size screen for higher clarity, 5 transducer connectors with stylish lights combines practicality and fashion.

· Exceptional performance powered by MAX++ platform. Made for the needs of versatile applications in GP, cardiac, and women's health.

· Eliminate complexity and achieve greater efficiency in your imaging procedures, allowing you to focus on delivering the best possible care to your patients.

The Perfect Combination of Elegance and Power

CHISON SonoMax combines style with function. With a 23.8" large HD LED screen and 5 pinless transducer connectors, SonoMax delivers exceptional imaging with a stunning outlook. Its ergonomic design offers flexibility, including 25cm height adjustment and a 12° tilt keyboard, while the 10 TGC segment and SonoFIS can provide precise image adjustment and enhanced security. Physicians will enjoy a comfortable and efficient imaging experience with SonoMax, improving both patient care and their own well-being.

Versatile Applications Scenarios

Stay ahead of the curve with SonoMax, the powerful cart-based ultrasound machine designed for diverse medical imaging applications. No matter you expertise in General Imaging, Women's Healthcare, or Cardiovascular, SonoMax provides most advanced ultrasound technologies to meet your needs. With its exceptional performance and highly powerful tools, SonoMax is the ultimate choice for physicians seeking accuracy, efficiency, and comfort in their daily imaging procedures.

  • SonoContrast

    • Developed to visualize the micro-circulation in tissue.

    • Potentially be used to improve diagnosis and therapy in several clinical situations. 

    • More sensitive, better performance.

  • Shear Wave Elastography

    • P-SWE point shear wave imaging, high precision singlepoint measurement, higher penetration.

    • 2D-SWE surface shear wave imaging,  real-time two-dimensional measurement to obtain more diagnostic information.                                     

    • The system can provide variety of quantitative analysis parameters, such as velocity values, Young's modulus and so on.

  • Volume Flow

    • A three-dimensional technology which can provide the real-time visualization of hemodynamics blood flow with a density appearance.

  • Strain and Strain Rate

    • A new non-invasive method for assessment of myocardial function.

    • Ability to differentiate between active and passive movement of myocardial segments, to quantify intraventricular dyssynchrony.  

    • To evaluate components of myocardial function.

  • SonoPW

    • The sample gate can be extended to 4 during PW mode.

    • It can switch and active each sample gate to realize multi-point spectrum measurement in the same cardiac cycle at the same scanning plane ; Support synchronous display of spectrum and speed value.

  • Sono - OB

    • Automatically measure:BPD, HC, AC, FL, NT.

    • Efficiency and accuracy.

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  • Tel: +86 510-85270304
  • Fax: +86 510 8531 0726
  • E-mail: global.sales@chison.com
  • Add: No.3, Changjiang South Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214115.

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