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How to Maintain the Ultrasound Machine?

Dec. 10, 21

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Ultrasound machines need to be properly maintained during use to avoid reducing their service life. Continue reading for more content.

Power supply

1. Please check the external AC power condition before turning on the machine every day, if the machine is equipped with a regulated power supply or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), please turn on the power switch first to confirm that the power supply voltage is stable and reaches the required range (220V+10V) before turning on the general switch of the machine, and then press the ON/OFF switch button on the keyboard; when turning off the machine, please press the ON/OFF switch button on the keyboard first, and then turn off the machine. Then turn off the machine's main switch, and then turn off the external power after the machine is powered off.

2. It is recommended to equip the machine with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), voltage regulator (power above 1000W), and a regular power outlet to protect the machine from sudden power failure and voltage fluctuations caused by the outside world.

3. Use the machine in areas with large external interference, it is recommended that the machine is equipped with the purified power supply to protect the machine from interference with the power grid or other equipment.

4. Regularly check and clean the machine's power cord and plug (at least once a month). If the machine needs to move frequently, please check more frequently. If you find that the power cord is broken or has plug deformation, please stop using, so as not to cause injury to personnel.

The appearance of maintenance

1. At least once a month, cut off the machine power with a soft damp cloth to clean the machine shell, keyboard, display. More difficult to clean the parts that can be used for local cleaning of medical alcohol. Do not use chemical fluids to avoid damage to the shell and damage to silicone keys.

2. Please do not touch the display directly with your hands. Do not use any chemical liquid to clean the display, so as not to affect the resolution.

Ultrasound Machine

The probe maintenance

1. Before use, please check the probe surface, probe cable, etc. If you find damage, please stop using, so as not to cause injury to patients or operators.

2. Please use a coupling agent that does not contain oily and corrosive components to avoid damage to the probe.

3. When using the endoscopic probe, it is recommended to use oil-free condoms.

4. It is recommended to clean the surface of the probe with a soft damp cloth or soft paper after each patient examination.

Trackball maintenance

The trackball can be removed after the trackball fixing ring is rotated counterclockwise. Use a cotton ball dipped in an inappropriate amount of alcohol for cleaning.


1. When the machine is running slowly or dead, please use the random system recovery CD to restore the system. Specific reference to the machine manual.

2. It is recommended that when the machine is installed by the installation engineer for you to adjust the parameter settings and save the parameters. This can restore to the original parameter settings when the machine parameters are disturbed.


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